Articles on Suboxone and Opioid Dependence

Is Suboxone Treatment the Right Choice for My Addiction to Percocet?

Addiction to opioid pain relievers like Percocet is a far too common problem. These addictions destroy lives and damage the very fabric of society. But, there is hope. A number of treatment options are available, of which Suboxone is only one. What is Suboxone? According to the Food and Drug Administration, Suboxone is a combination ….

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How Drug Rehabs Help Patients Cope with Suboxone Withdrawal

Since the creation of methadone maintenance medications they were the primary treatment method for those suffering from an opioid addiction. One of the maintenance medications that is very popular today is Suboxone. It has numerous benefits, including low risk of abuse and overdose, but that does not mean it has no drawbacks. Most patients that ….

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